Where did I go?

Sorry friends- I’ve been out of the blogging loop for quite some time. Being pregnant and running around with 3 kids kept me super busy! But on the bright side of things (not that running around with 3 kids isn’t bright) Shann and I had our baby boy on March 6th, 2013 at 8:05pm. “S.J.”, short for Shann Jr. was 8lbs, 8oz. and was 21 1/4” long. Delivered by cesarean (because he was stuck). I’m probably not going to post anymore for a while, since this ‘meatball’ of mine keeps me super busy. 

Here he is, almost 7 weeks old. :)

It’s a…

I had my ultrasound appointment this morning. Shann, Nathan and Caitlynn came along (because they’re home sick from school). I got right in to see the technician and made sure to drink my 2 Capri Suns 30 minutes prior to my visit to ensure the baby would be awake and responsive. It worked! We were placed in a huge, cozy room that allowed family members to sit and watch the ultrasound on a big screen TV. The kids were amazed - Shann was nervous. The ultrasound technician checked all the baby’s vitals and organs and everything looked great! The baby was sitting on it’s feet, so in order to check his toes, etc I had to lay on my side while she took pictures. Then the technician rolled right over the baby’s ‘happy spot’ ….

Before she could even blurt out the baby’s gender - I shouted with tears in my eyes “It’s a boy!” She confirmed. ;) Shann came over to me and gave me a huge hug. We’re beyond delighted! After the tearful moment, the technician rolled over the profile of the baby’s face - he already looks like Shann. Little guy was moving around so much, that the profile picture the tech attempted to take, came out blurry. Above is a picture I took of me this morning - It’s not the greatest but I’m definitely filling out. Ha! 

Fall 2012 Update

It’s a cool sunny morning here in northern Arizona. It’s nice not waking up to intense heat, walking out your front door and feeling like someone’s got an enormous hair dryer pointed at you. It’s in the low 70’s now and temperatures rise to about the mid 80’s throughout the day. It’s still warm, but it’s comfortable.

It’s also Fall which means we’ve been decorating for Halloween since the middle of September. There’s just something really humble and refreshing about this time of year. We are almost done decorating the house and we’re just waiting for my brother to come over and help clean up the front yard so we can put our inflatables out. Our trees out front have thorns, the bushes have thorns and well, I don’t want to risk one of inflatables tearing because of them. My brother needs a few extra bucks which is why we are having him take care of it. 

Parent-teacher conferences are also coming up. Thanks to the school’s online scheduling website, I was able to make appointments for all three kiddos on the same day around the same time. I’ve already had to meet with Nathan’s teacher and the vice principal already this year due to his rude behavior towards his instructor. Nathan is apparently being made fun of by other boys at school for being short, etc. He’s reacting and taking it out on his teacher, who he feels isn’t helping him much - with his academics also. It’s a tough ride being a parent and wanting the best for your children. To see them struggle in any matter is awful and I really hope that this crap subsides quickly because it stresses me the hell out and it hasn’t been healthy for Nathan either.

Moving on… I am now 17 weeks and 2 days pregnant. The bump is showing and the baby is moving! I have an ultrasound on Wednesday the 17th to check the baby’s organs and gender. I am really hoping the baby cooperates with the sonographer! I tried finding out if Caitlynn was a boy or girl but she didn’t want to show and I had to buy green and yellow clothes for her before she was born. I would love to be able to shop for boy or girl clothes this time around! 

Caitlynn is becoming more excited about having a little sibling. She rubs my tummy every time she hugs me and talks to the baby. She’s so sweet. Chelsi is excited about the new addition to our family and so are her friends! She’s really hoping she won’t have to change a diaper though. Nathan is neutral and not showing much interest. He does ask a few questions every now and again… And then there is Shann who is lightheartedly complaining about having to put baby gates everywhere, move wires and pick up electronics, buying large amounts of diapers again, shampooing carpets, etc. In the mornings he’ll scoot over to me and put his arms around my tummy and hold position for a few minutes before he gets out of bed. It’s almost like he’s trying to bond… It’s cute. As for me? I am feeling just fine! Energy levels are good and my appetite is roaring now. I haven’t gained any weight yet and will continue to focus on healthy eating/drinking to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

That’s it for now… I will be sure to update in a few more weeks with a new ultrasound picture of Baby Smith!

July 28th, 2012

Nothing new to report, other than us getting ready for the new school season to start. The children will begin school on the 13th of August. Caitlynn will be in second, Nathan in 4th and Chelsi in 6th! I can’t believe how quickly the time flies!!

I’ve been laying low lately - thanks to morning sickness. I don’t get it any particular time of the day, just whenever it wants to hit. I don’t throw up either, just feel super nauseous. I purchased this loose tea from “The Spoiled Momma” called “Happy Mornings” - it works wonders. ((7 1/2 weeks along today))

Stayed over at the parent’s house for a nice dinner and to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympic games last night (with kids - Shann was working). We were all pretty impressed. Good job London! 

Shann has been working his tail off lately. The heat wears him down quickly but he’s able to cope. He was out until 1am last night and has more calls to run today. I think I’ll have some breakfast and some tea and take a nap.

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