"Hoping For A Boy"

I’m not going to lie - Shann and I want a baby boy. Of course we’ll be blessed and pleased either way. It would be so cool for Nathan to have a little brother… Melts my heart just thinking about it.

I’ve been busy running errands today, but I’ve mostly had my nose in research. I’ve been looking into the “what I can/cannot eat” stuff - It’s been 8 years since I’ve been pregnant, a lot has changed! Gotta start off smart, ya know? I found myself getting a bit sidetracked and bookmarking websites that I want to buy cute baby things from. I also asked a friend about cloth diapering - believe it or not, I’m gonna give it a shot! Seems like it would be dirtier task then necessary, right? Nah… after years of research and trials, companies have made it so easy for parent’s to diaper their baby’s with cloth. A friend turned me onto this website, and she’s given me ALL the information I need to know… Keep in mind she’s got 2 twin 2 year olds and a newborn - all in cloth diapers! Super momma! http://www.diaperjunction.com/ 

As far as any side effects with this pregnancy, I have had close to none. Sure, the boobs have hurt and I am already crying at commercials and Disney movies. Oh, and I’m craving cucumbers and pink lemonaid. That’s about it. No morning sickness (thank GOD) - I never had that when I was pregnant with Caitlynn either. I feel pretty good physically, and of course mentally! Lets just hope it lasts!

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